Products, Development & Trading


P.D.T. is a S.A.S. private share company, based in Paris, France

It was founded early 2006, by Mr Franck BADIA, who has been developing his expertise for more than 25 years with major groups of Luxury and Fashion industry, and in the HORECA & Restaurants concepts business.

At P.D.T., we are operational, close to the Managers and Investors targets, and definitely business driven.

Our Business

  • Represent and market concepts (Restaurants / Fashion / Lifestyle), implement and follow-up the development plan. (Negotiation of Master Franchises and distribution contracts, development & interface)
  • Represent F&B products. Set-up and manage their distribution and promotion plan.

Our Territories of Expertise

  • Middle East and Asia (Hong-Kong, Taiwan, Japan and Korea)
  • Mexico
  • France